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Sarah Reagan is a New York-based sculptor who imbues industrial construction materials with qualities that evoke a more playful and childlike perspective on the world. Her work explores the challenges of navigating a world that often seeks to punish our individuality, curiosity, and queerness.


Following her service in the Peace Corps in Togo and Mexico, she received her MFA in the Virginia Commonwealth University Craft/Material Studies program. Reagan has taught at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Virginia Commonwealth University, Arrowmont School of Crafts, and Penland School of Craft.  She's been a resident at Anderson Ranch Arts Center and the Flower Shop Art Studio, as well as a fellow at The Wassaic Project. Reagan's work has been exhibited internationally, including at the Corrente de Ar (Lisbon, Portugal), the Messler Gallery (Rockport, Maine), the Minneapolis International Airport (Minneapolis, Minnesota), and the City College Art Gallery (San Diego, California).


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