Sarah Reagan spent much of her youth trying to stick to a straight path and ended up spending more time reckoning with punishment and discipline (self-inflicted and otherwise). To navigate that environment, she learned how to regulate her response to aggressive behaviors through defense mechanisms such as fight, flight, freeze... and humor. Because of this, the work she makes expresses her desire to confront painful memories by re-imagining them with creative storytelling.

Sarah Reagan is a cross-disciplinary artist making wooden structures combined with found objects that insert childlike humor into traditionally brutal materials. She is currently teaching and completing her MFA Program in the Craft/Material Studies Department at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. She received her BFA from Iowa State University (2017) and served in the Peace Corps in Togo (2017) and Mexico (2018-2020). Her work has been exhibited at the Minneapolis International Airport, The Anderson Gallery in Richmond, Virginia, and the Biorenewables Research Laboratory in Ames, Iowa.